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"Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them Tools, they'll do wonderful things with them."
Steve Jobs
We do wonderful things with Digital Tools ... delivering your message to your audience at an affordable price.
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Run your business, operate your non-profit, create art. You may wear many hats, but nobody said you have to do it all. Yes…do what you want and do what you can to keep your costs down, but it’s important to be effective with your communications, marketing, training, and media needs. If you are happy with a Do-It-Yourself approach, then go for it! If you want some help, don’t pay too much. Let provide the digital media services you need at a reasonable cost. strives to keep costs low by using the best digital tools available to streamline the workflow for your digital media needs.’s multiple media services help you to be heard in the busy, noisy, media world. This can be simple or a bit complicated depending on what you do. Click the menu and explore what has to offer.

You may need a lot or a little…Let’s find out. Contact us and see how we can help.


Text, Graphics, Animation, Video, and Sound

The most effective elements integrated into a cohesive flow which is especially useful with highly detailed content built in layers.


Instant Feedback

Immediate response can be built into the content to provide the targeted audience with the right information and ability ot resond easily.  In eLearning situations, progress is trackd and content can be dynamically adjusted


Flexible Time and Place

Training and marketing happen most anytime and any place.  This flexibility has distinct advantages for both the organization and the customer or end-user. Distance learning or rich content applications  may reduce costs and travel time. Information and training applications can be self-paced and individualized.


Increased control

Track progress for individuals and teams.  Training and messages remain consistent in terms of content and quality.


Performance improvements

Train people in specific skills for specific performance as well as general skills that affect general performance.  Better information leads to better decision making. Marketers can target many specific audiences.


Supports accessibility, interoperability, durability, reusability, adaptability, and affordability of content.


The Advantage


 Computer Based Training Samples - The TDR Handheld Wire Tester

TDR Wire Tester Introduction

  • Developed for  government contract
  • Originally for Compact Disk delivery
  • Created with Adobe Flash technology
  • These excerpts converted to HTML 5
  • Commercial version demonstrated here


Video is a great way to show your products, services, capabilities, talents an d passion. Video is a powerful tool to convey messages complete with visual cues, motion graphics, and emotion.


    In a world where people are frequently in a hurry and don't take the time to read -- video, animation, and spoken word can be...

    ...the best way to go

Interactive Video

Live Recording For Video

Tradeshow Presentation

Tradeshow Presentation

Tradeshow Presentation


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                                               Music Editing & Mastering


Synchronize your world to sound





                            Systems Design


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Video                  Animatiom


 Contact:  Tim Benedict
  • 2016